Midnight at...

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Warning: Definitely NSFW! Links to Blue Heaven Sims Adult.

Warning: Boobs! Links to Blue Heaven Sims Adult.

Warning: Definitely NSFW! Links to Blue Heaven Sims Adult.

Warning: Definitely NSFW! Links to Blue Heaven Sims Adult.


  1. Okay, I must ask: where did you get that lovely bathroom clutter?! I've been looking everywhere for it and can't for the life of me find it. I saw the same clutter in your Star Trek bathrooms too. Can you tell me where you got it? Please?

    Second, awesome work on the crew quarters. Whether it be a space station, a colony base, or a starship, your Sims will be able to look at that and call it home. Fine work! :D

    1. Hi, there!

      I can partially grant your wish.

      All of the stuff in the pictures is either from Around the Sims or by Cassandre at the now-defunct Black Pearl Sims.

      The ATS stuff can be found here:





      According to the folks at GOS, there's a big repository of Cassandre´s stuff here:


      Unfortunately, I can't confirm that because registration is required. I'll let you know as soon as I can review the page. Sims 2 Graveyard also hosts Cassandre's stuff, but it's been down for a week or more. :(

      If all else fails, let me know and I'll share it with you privately (I can't host it due to the creator's TOU).

      This page is a bit dated, but it's a good resource for clutter:


      And finally, check LadyAqua's pin boards for specifically-themed stuff:


    2. I hope that helps you find what you're looking for. As always, I appreciate the feedback. I have a couple of other general-purpose (i.e. not specifically themed, such as exploration or decontamination) Midnight subprojects in the works (kitchen/mess hall/replicators and community/recreation/shopping) that will nicely complement this set, but they're still a few months down the pipeline.

    3. I have an update. Most of Cassandre's brilliant creations (including all the bathroom clutter) can be found here:


    4. Thank you very much ocelotekatl! I shall make use of these links :D. Oh, and btw, LadyAqua's pin boards are mine, lmao. But thank you for using them :D. I've been pinning your Star Trek and other sci-fi things (finally). Your Modular Furniture pictures had me busy!